A Passport For Your cat? Why And How?

A Passport For Your cat? Why And How?

Vacation Is Finally Here…. A Passport For Your Cat? Why And How?

It is mandatory for pets traveling with their master in Europe. This passport was developed by the Society of Swiss Veterinarians (SVS) in collaboration with the Federal Veterinary Office (FVO).

It has several advantages over the veterinary certificate: it can be established by any veterinarian authorized to practice in Switzerland and it is valid throughout the life of the animal.

Don’t leave your furry friend at home this summer!

Swiss passport

Its cost: CHF 25.- For Europe, from 1 October 2004, this document must be presented by anyone traveling with an animal, dog, cat and ferret in Europe. It proves that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, which is the only requirement for admission to each of the Member States, except Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom, in which case they must refer to their own legislation.

In addition, it provides various details concerning the animal, its microchip number and the address of the owner as well as the vaccinations and health certificate, compulsory in some countries, to inquire.

European passport

Only the text changes according to the language of the country of issue of the document.

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