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Cat Depression: Signs and Treatment

Cat Depression: Signs and Treatment

Cat Depression

[huge_it_share]One of the most common questions people ask is whether cat depression exists. Often, the pet owners notice a change in the behaviour of their pet in the absence or death of any other cat or owner. It is impossible to determine exactly what feelings the cat goes through. But when the cat companion is missing, they certainly feel the difference. Most likely the cat doesn’t suffer in the same way as us, but there is definitely a noticeable change in their life. While people express their grief in a variety of different ways, the cat most often becomes unproductive or the opposite too loving.

cat depression suicide


Typically, cats hide and refuse to eat for 1 to 4 weeks, but some continue to mourn for too long, refusing water, food, and any social life. There is a cat case that a cat jumped in front of a truck coming against her.





For a long time, people believed that they were only creatures who could cry in sorrow and sadness. But there is evidence that many animals form tears when they are in physical and emotional distress. Cats can express their sadness through nightmares – becoming frightened, screaming, looking for comfort from a close person. The main reason for human and cat depression is that cats only miss a close companion while people are saddened by distant relatives or even people who have never fallen. Cats are deprived of abstract thinking (lacking long-term memory), unlike people who may be sad for someone who has been absent from their lives for a long time.

Cat depression sad

According to some researchers, the cat’s understanding of the death is like the children – they do not perceive death as a constant state. The cats feel that someone is not alive by a change in temperature and smell. Whether a relationship between the body and the soul is still arguing. But there are many cases where the cat stops waiting for someone to see his body. Since many owners ask if it is good for the animal to see the body of its owner or a close animal. I would say that if there is such a possibility and there is no danger of infection it is best to say goodbye to him.


Stages Of The Cat Depression

First stage – Sadness ActivationCat depression isolation lock

 The cat can travel for hours and days looking for the missing company to come to the door every time someone approaches or walks through the streets. So limit your cat in a room for a few days, and do not let it go out on the street. During this time, it’s good to have some object to link it to the missing being.


Second stage – Depression

It has been going on for 2 weeks up to 6 months. During this time the cat must be surrounded by a lot of attention and calmness. Of course, do not try to get in touch with a cat who wants to be alone. You can also offer delicious food, new toys to attract the attention of the hiding cat.

If the cat is depressed for more than 3 weeks, without any improvement of the condition, you should bring her/him to the veterinarian for a check. Depending on the veterinarian’s judgement, they will prescribe antidepressants or homoeopathic medicaments.

Don’t try to replace her/his old friend with a new pet. It is more likely to cause additional stress because the cats are very territorial animals. Therefore, the new friend will be a territorial invader.

Cats are creatures of the order, thus try not to change much the surrounding environment, food or habits from before. If you have to do it, try slowly and if possible without drastic changes in her/his habits till now.





Are Mosquitoes A Danger To Your Pet’s Health?

Are Mosquitoes A Danger To Your Pet’s Health?

None of us like being bitten by mosquitoes and sometimes it’s easy to forget that our pets also suffer from mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes feed on blood, and they will take it where they can find it. Only females bite, males feed on plant nectar. While the female may have preferred hosts, she must have blood proteins to produce eggs. And, a blood meal is often insufficient to produce a brood of eggs. Often, the female feeds, rests to digest the meal and feeds up to three times before she can get enough protein to produce her eggs.


So whenever your pet is out in the mosquito territory, he is a seated target for a hungry female mosquito that is eager to reproduce.

Many mosquito species will choose birds rather than humans or typical household pets, but they are even known to feed on frogs and other reptiles, if that’s what they can find for a blood meal.

Most pet owners are aware of the dangers of mosquito bites associated with heartworm disease in cats and dogs. Mosquitoes carry larvae of parasites, which they transmit to the animal once they bite. The larvae of the parasite then migrate to the heart and the main circulatory organs of your pet, where it grows into an adult worm that can grow to ten inches in length.

The problem with heartworms is that they can take several years to become an adult, which then can cause symptoms in your cat or dog. By the time the symptoms develop, the treatment is long and difficult. Sometimes the owner of the animal does not know the problem until the animal dies unexpectedly, a tragic end that is very preventable.

Heartworm protection is as easy as a trip to your vet. Many effective drugs, which are administered orally, can prevent the development of larvae, if an infected mosquito bites your pet. The biggest failure of these medications is the fault of the pet owner. They must be faithfully administered once a month without interruption of treatment. And, just because it seems the mosquito season is at bay, do not fall and forget to give your pet a dose. Many mosquitoes winter in protected areas and wake up ready to bite long before you expect them.

Fortunately, it is now possible to get a shot for your pet that will protect against heartworms for six months. Even diligent and caring pet owners can sometimes forget the narrow window of opportunity for oral drug delivery. This new promotion will save you and your pet the risky consequences of these failures.

Now, pet owners are even more concerned about mosquito bites to their pets. Although rare, West Nile virus has been reported in dogs and cats. There are very few reported cases of animal deaths in dogs and cats, but the risk still exists. Instead, most of the time, the animal can be positive for the virus, without having any symptoms.

cat temperature
The West Nile virus can cause your pet to have a fever

If your pet has West Nile virus, it may have the following symptoms: fever, depression or lethargy, muscle weakness or spasms, impaired coordination, convulsions or paralysis. If your pet has these symptoms, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Owners of birds and horses should be much more concerned. West Nile virus is mainly fatal for many bird species. Crows, for example, are very sensitive to fatal cases. Sparrows, on the other hand, contract easily but show no symptoms. And migratory birds like sparrows contribute to the spread of the virus because they are very mobile.

Among the birds that are kept as pets, parrots, cockatoos and parakeets are most at risk. The risk factor is lower because they are rarely outside. If your house is well sealed and has good screens, these animals should be easily protected if kept indoors.

Horse owners are now able to protect their horses with a very effective vaccine. Horses are particularly susceptible to mosquito-borne viruses and it is difficult to keep them away from outside exposure, even in barns and stables. No vaccine exists for small animals.

The same thing that protects you against mosquito diseases also protects your pets. Prevention!

Protect everywhere from the house and yard by making sure mosquitoes do not have a place to breed. Avoid leaving water in containers such as buckets, birdbaths, pet bowls, rain gutters, storm drains, and plant saucers. Many mosquitoes only need ¼ cup of water to reproduce.

The FDA has always advised keeping your pet indoors at dawn and dusk, as this is where many species of mosquitoes feed. This advice is no longer enough to protect your pet. The Asian tiger mosquito is an aggressor today. It was imported to the United States in 1985 and is now in 30 states. It carries both West Nile virus and heartworm parasites.

Do not use mosquito repellents designed for humans on pets!

Instead, get rid of all possible breeding sites and also get a good pet repellent. Anti-mosquito repellents designed for humans should not be used on pets. Never put any pet repellant that is not free from DEET. Instead, obtain a repellent that is made for veterinary use and apply only as directed. With your pets, you must assume that they can lick the treated areas and you can not afford to take a chance that the repellent can be toxic to them.

For example, tea tree oil is a good repellent against mosquitoes for humans, but it has been fatal for some cats that licked their fur.

And, think about getting a propane mosquito trap to reduce mosquito populations in your garden. They are very effective, although expensive, but actually kill hundreds of mosquitoes if used according to the manufacturer’s directions. Over time, these devices can effectively decrease mosquito populations.

Mosquitoes are here to stay. Our best defense for our pets is how to avoid them, and how to keep our pets safe using the latest scientific advances. And, many things we do to protect our pets from mosquito-borne diseases are good for us too.


A Passport For Your cat? Why And How?

A Passport For Your cat? Why And How?

Vacation Is Finally Here…. A Passport For Your Cat? Why And How?

It is mandatory for pets traveling with their master in Europe. This passport was developed by the Society of Swiss Veterinarians (SVS) in collaboration with the Federal Veterinary Office (FVO).

It has several advantages over the veterinary certificate: it can be established by any veterinarian authorized to practice in Switzerland and it is valid throughout the life of the animal.

Don’t leave your furry friend at home this summer!

Swiss passport

Its cost: CHF 25.- For Europe, from 1 October 2004, this document must be presented by anyone traveling with an animal, dog, cat and ferret in Europe. It proves that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, which is the only requirement for admission to each of the Member States, except Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom, in which case they must refer to their own legislation.

In addition, it provides various details concerning the animal, its microchip number and the address of the owner as well as the vaccinations and health certificate, compulsory in some countries, to inquire.

European passport

Only the text changes according to the language of the country of issue of the document.

Neutering Cats: Many Pros And Almost No Cons

Neutering Cats: Many Pros And Almost No Cons

Neutering cats is an effective way to fight overpopulation. And it can even be beneficial for your tom cat.

Many vets advise to spay and neuter cats. In other words: to make a cat sterile to prevent further litters. Queens are spayed, males are neutered or castrated.


Let a simple figure tell the story.


In the US alone over 10 million dogs and cats are being put to death each year in animal shelters. REASON: there are no homes for them.

So, your queen may be pregnant, or your tom cat may have found a nice girl friend, but basically there is no demand for more pregnant cats. There are enough kittens born, thanks to professional breeders and unplanned meetings of queens and tom.
But overpopulation is not the only good reason why you could consider having your cat castrated.


They like to stay indoors more. That makes them less susceptible to contagious diseases. The chance of becoming involved in cat fights or car accidents is also considerably smaller.

Don’t think your cat will turn into a fat and lazy pet. Contrary to popular belief, laziness and excess weight are caused by overfeeding and lack of exercise, not by neutering. If you think your cat eats too much, check by using the cat food calculator.

ONE THING IS TRUE: once neutered, tom cats get calmer and more affectionate.

One more benefit?
Here’s a big one.


Days of urine smells may be over. As long as you don’t forget to clean your cat’s litter box.

Some critics say neutering cats is against nature. But castration does not create different animals. Your cat’s personality will not change. He will still be a hunter and a player. He will enjoy life just like he did before, only without being focused on reproduction.

Male cats may be castrated after they reach the age of four months. Some vets prefer them a little older. But even a sexual mature cat can be neutered.


Neutering cats is a routine operation. It’s one of the most performed operations. Vets use general anesthesia for neutering cats, but the dose is not heavy. The actual castration takes only a few minutes. In most cases you can take your cat home the same day.
Within a few days your tom cat will be the same as before. Well, almost the same …

Tapeworm In Cats

Tapeworm In Cats


The most common tapeworm in cats in North America is called Dipylidium caninum (DIE-pih-LID-ee-um K-nine-um). The infection is common and found throughout the world.

How did my cat get the Dipylidium tapeworm? By swallowing a flea infected with a tapeworm larvae. A cat may swallow a flea while grooming. Once the flea is digested inside the cat, the larval tapeworm is free to develop into an adult tapeworm.

The adult tapeworm in cats is made up of many small segments, called proglottids (pro-GLOT-ids), each about the size of a grain of rice; adult tapeworms may reach 8 inches in length. As the tapeworm matures inside the intestines, these segments (proglottids) break off and pass into the stool.

tapeworm_nejmquicktake_worms_stat-1024x576HOW DO I IDENTIFY TAPEWORM IN CATS?
Although cats are rarely ill as a result of a Dipylidium tapeworm infection, the proglottids can sometimes be seen crawling near the anus or on the surface of a fresh bowel movement. Proglottids contain tapeworm eggs; these eggs are released into the environment when the proglottid dries out. The dried proglottids are small (about 2 mm), hard and yellowish in color and can sometimes be seen stuck to the hair around the pet’s anus.

Tapeworm in cats are not usually harmful. Weight loss may occur if your cat is heavily infected. Sometimes, an infected cat will “scoot” or drag its anus across the ground or carpet because the segments are irritating to the skin in this area.
Occasionally, a tapeworm will become attached to the intestinal wall and move into the stomach. This may irritate the stomach, causing the cat to vomit; if this happens, a worm several inches in length may be seen.

Tapeworm infection is usually diagnosed when the moving segments are seen crawling around the anus or in a bowel movement. Dipylidium tapeworm eggs are rarely released into the feces and are therefore not usually detected by routine fecal exams performed by your veterinarian. Because of this, veterinarians depend on you to notify them of possible tapeworm infection in your pet.


CAN I GET A TAPEWORM INFECTION FROM MY CAT?aid554069-728px-recognize-and-treat-cysticercosis-pork-tapeworm-infection-step-3
Yes. For a person to become infected with tapeworm in cats, he or she must accidentally swallow an infected flea. Most reported cases involve children. The most effective way to prevent infections in cats and humans is through flea control. The risk of infection with this tapeworm in humans is low but does exist. A child who is infected will usually pass proglottids in a bowel movement or have visible tapeworm segments stuck to the skin around the anal area.

Treatment for both cats and humans is simple and very effective. A prescription drug called praziquantel is given, either orally or by injection (cats only). The medication causes the tapeworm to dissolve within the intestines. Since the worm is usually digested before it passes, it may not be visible in your cat’s stool. The drugs are generally well-tolerated.cats-and-children-when-to-introduce-them-53f72f009bbe8


See your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment.



  • Control fleas on your cat and in their indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Have your veterinarian treat your cat promptly if he has tapeworms.
  • Clean up after your pet, especially in playgrounds and public parks. Bury the feces, or place it in a plastic bag and then put it in the trash.
  • Do not allow children to play in areas that are soiled with cat or other animal feces.
  • Teach children to always wash their hands after playing with the cat and after playing outdoors.

This article is for information only and is not meant to be used for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for consultation with a health care provider. If you have any questions about tapeworm in cats or think that you may have a parasitic infection, consult a health care provider.


Feeding Kittens –The Right Diet Makes Your Best Friend Grow

Feeding Kittens –The Right Diet Makes Your Best Friend Grow

Feeding kittens differs from feeding adult cats. But if you know what kittens need, it is easy to serve a healthy and tasty meal for your little feline friends. It is also a good idea to get the right feeding equipment for your kitten such as a feeding bowl without edges and even a cat drinking fountain – Click here for our recommendation.

The first few weeks you won’t have to do anything. Kittens drink mother’s milk and that’s about all they want and need. Kittens don’t have teeth at this age, so anything else would be problematic anyway.

When the litter is large, some kittens may have difficulty finding a free nipple and remain without food. You can help by hand-feed these kittens with a dropper. Give them special nutritious kitten milk like KMR Liquid, available at pet stores both online and offline.
You won’t have to use force when you are feeding kittens with a dropper. Kittens suck instinctively.

Build it up week by week till your kitten is two months old. By the time your cat is eight to ten weeks it should have fully switched to solid food.

Water will have replaced mother’s milk by then. If you want to give milk as a treat, only serve lactose free milk. Otherwise your pet might get diarrhea or start vomiting. Most cats of three months are not able anymore to properly digest regular milk. Lactose free milk is available at pet stores.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about feeding kittens.
If you buy food in your local store, read the labels first.
Dry food should contain about 30 percent protein and about 15 percent fat. Canned food should contain about 10 percent protein and about 6 percent fat.
Extra protein won’t harm your kitten. Proteins make your cat grow.
Kittens also need amino acids and taurine. Unfortunately, amino acids and taurine are not alwats listed on the label. However, if meat, chicken and fish are the main ingredients, these nutrients are usually in the food.
If your kitten was not born at your home, ask the breeder or seller what brand of kitten food it was eating before you adopted it.

Stick with the same brand, or switch gradually by mixing the previous brand with the one you prefer. Add a little more of the new brand everyday and eventually your kitten will eat only this.
Kittens usually eat three times a day until they are six months old and twice a day until they are one year old. Adult cats may have enough with one meal a day.


Quality Cat Furniture Makes Your House A Home

Quality Cat Furniture Makes Your House A Home

Cat furniture. You may think it is ridiculous to buy furniture for a cat, but it does have many benefits. For your pet and … for you!

Let’s face it. Cats are wonderful animals, but they can make a mess of your household. They damage and sometimes even ruin bedding, chairs, sofas, carpets, wallpaper … well, we could go on for a while, but let’s not occupy your time.

Kittens are worse than mature cats when it comes to messing things up, but even elderly cats still put their nails in your carpet, if they like to.

One of your cat’s favorite pieces of cat furniture will be your bed. Cats need a warm bed too. They may choose yours. Cats also like to play with moving little objects. Like your feet or toes, while you are in bed.
If you give your pet its own bed and some furniture for entertainment, you can sleep well again.
It may be a small investment or – if you build your cat furniture yourself – cost you sweat and creativity. But once your pet put its claws into its own supplies, your chairs, carpets or curtains do not have to be repaired or replaced. Cat furniture keeps your home intact.

Felines have other interests than worry about money. They simply love to climb, play games, scratching their nails. Good quality cat furniture supplies these wants. It stimulates activity.

So let’s not forget one more reason why scratching posts, nest beds or cat condos are important to own:
Cats like them!

That is, if it is really good. Modern day cat furniture is designed with the assistance of animal behaviorists and really appeals to most cats and kittens. OK, cats are obstinate and maybe yours will reject that beautiful condo, but good pet stores will refund your purchase if you are not satisfied.
Pet supplies can be bought in your local pet store. But:

Did you know that?

Here’s why:
Cat furniture from an online pet store comes to you brand new in the box. In your local store it may have been lying around for some weeks or even months, absorbing smells from birds, dogs, pet food, strange people and so on. Felines have an incredible nose, as we all know, and if your cat does not like one of these smells, it may reject your well chosen piece of furniture.